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#1018: "NUS College" is the best name management can come up with for usp + yale-nus merger??? Thoughts??
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Hm so NUS management is leaning towards calling the New College (usp + yale-nus) "NUS College". I really don't get the rationale behind this. I wonder how they came up with it. Is it they started with "Yale-NUS College", and "oh, no more yale already so we take out yale-". It's so, so confusing. Imagine the following scenarios: 1. Person 2: What faculty are you from? Person 1: NUS College Person 2: I know. What faculty are you from? Person 1: I already said, NUS College. Person 2: ????? (this guy siao?) 2. Student: Uncle, I want to go to NUS College. Taxi uncle: ok, which part of NUS. Student: NUS College. Taxi uncle: ah di, NUS is very big. Which part of NUS you want to go to? Student: NUS College!! Taxi uncle: ????? (this guy siao?) Seriously, they should have just asked the students. I bet we can come up with much better ideas. I think NUS management really need to talk to their students more. They didn't ask us about the merger, and then they came up with this name all on their own (which are both not great ideas). They can end up with something way better if they just did some giveaway for students who give suggestions and do some voting thing or something. What do you all think about it? Maybe you all can suggest some names here too then we can submit a petition with these new names and get them to pick a better one

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