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  • Getting a degree for the sake of getting a degree
    #2402schoolrantΒ· 871d ago

    Do you feel like a vast majority of the people who are studying social science/humanities are just here for the sake of a degree? Might be an unpopular opinion, but most people seem to be just studying it out of obligation to get the certificate, and have no passion or enthusiasm in what they're studying. Afterwards, everybody somehow suddenly becomes a marketing expert/UI-UX designer/business associate. It's admirable when people actually have a vested interest in their fields of study, but how many people can say that they chose to drop tens of thousands of dollars (from their parents or otherwise) because they really like it and really want it?

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  • How to deal with bad groupmates?
    #1512schoolworkrantΒ· 922d ago

    Over my past few semesters here, I've had groupmates with terrible work ethic - always complaining about modules, fussing about workload, unwilling to learn, etc etc. Feels like it has a negative impact on my own learning as well. And it also makes me flustered as they are ok w submitting mediocre work when I'm not. Am i just unlucky? How do I uphold a positive attitude towards this kind of groupwork with such groupmates?

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  • Books to recommend for prior reading?
    #1265schoolΒ· 935d ago

    Hi! I'm entering CHS in the upcoming academic year and while waiting for school to start just wanted to ask what are some good books to read to expand my knowledge? Fiction / non-fiction welcome, although I'd prefer non fic!

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  • Easy UEs
    #1209schoolΒ· 937d ago

    this is a call out to those who have recommendations for fun, interesting, or perhaps easy UEs? Would appreciate it thank you :-)

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  • didn't get a winter internship, how to spend my hols more productively?
    #1135schoolΒ· 941d ago

    other than netflix πŸ˜•

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  • do y'all plan to pursue a career related to what you're studying?
    #1082schoolworksocietyΒ· 945d ago
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    curious because most of my peers in arts, humanities or social science don't even do anything remotely related to their majors. which I think is an interesting phenomenon, considering the amount of money dropped into university education.

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