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  • SG tech company's bonus?
    #4158full-timeadviceweb-dev· 807d ago

    Hi guys, came across this forum by randomly. Think it's an awesome forum, wish I knew earlier .. Anyway, I want to know what bonus scheme tech companies here has ? For Shopee, it has a yearly bonus every January, up to 4 months of monthly salary based on performance. ( of course most don't get that much ) What about other companies.. like Google / Facebook / Bytedance / Grab.. anybody has any idea ?

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  • how do u ask a cs guy out
    #3622rantadvice· 833d ago

    i clicked very well with this guy but he's only good at talking irl ...also because he's a cs guy he's 1) very busy coding 2) very busy sleeping. he's also a bad texter haaah. pls help lol idk how to ask this guy out hes so quiet too but thats what i like about him :,) should i just be direct with my intentions? idw to scare him off

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  • It’s the time of the sem
    #3405rantschool· 843d ago

    It’s the last few weeks of the sem again which are always the toughest. So many assignments due soon and I lost count of the number of nights I stayed up to do them. Helpp

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  • NUS CS Tutor?
    #3227schooladvice· 850d ago

    Hello, I’m a Y1 CS student, who’s suffering in one CS module. I find hard catching up & understanding the material by myself, and unfortunately, my TA is not very helpful at this point. Whenever I ask a question, s/he checks the message at least after a day… (+ I personally find difficult to understand the explanation as well) I think it is time for me to have a private CS tutor who’s from NUS, for this upcoming one month until the final exam date; for exam preparation. Is there any website/community that I can easily find and hire NUS CS tutor/student? (Other than Reddit)

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  • Module prerequisites exemption
    #3223· 851d ago

    Is it possible for a prof to let u take the mod when u haven’t met one the prerequisites mod? Anyone tried that before? I felt like I took another similar mod already and have the relevant knowledge, so I’m not sure whether I can be exempted from having to take the prerequisite

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  • SOC profs
    #3109· 857d ago

    Was in school and I finally saw some of the SOC profs I usually see on zoom irl. And I realised some of them dress and look like uncles (dad bods, funny hair) and I can't really tell them apart from a regular coffee shop uncle hahaha it was quite funny (sorry profs no offense)

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